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HCSO Deputy Darren Almendarez Murdered - Harris County Violent Crime Wave Continues Unabated.

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Last Thursday (3/31/22), off-duty Harris County Deputy Darren Almendarez, 51, a 23-year veteran of the department, was shot and killed in the parking lot of a Houston grocery store. Deputy Almendarez was just out buying groceries with his wife when he observed three men attempting to steal his truck’s catalytic converter. Deputy Almendarez told his wife to walk away to safety, then approached the men. At that time, the suspects reportedly opened fire on Deputy Almendarez, striking him several times. Deputy Almendarez returned fire and was able to shoot two of his assailants before they fled. After the shooting, Deputy Almendarez was transported to HCA Houston Healthcare Northwest, where he died from his injuries. Authorities reported the two wounded suspects arrived at the same hospital in their vehicle a short time later. The sheriff's office identified the suspects as Joshua Stewart, 23, and Fredarius Clark, 19. Both men have been charged with capital murder. A third male suspect, a 17-year-old, was arrested on the North Freeway on Friday (4/1/22).

As the crime wave continues across Houston, even criminals committing non-violent property crimes (burglary of a vehicle / theft) can quickly turn extremely violent when confronted. Deputy Almendarez, a dedicated public servant, was just out trying to buy some groceries when he was murdered by cowards who would rather steal than get a job. When speaking to the media, Sheriff Ed Gonzalez stated, "We lost another hero in our community" and "We're tired of crime in this community." Of course, truer words have never been spoken. Still, as repeatedly posted on this blog, what Harris County truly needs now is some new, tough-on-crime, elected officials. The days of our local progressive and liberal Democratic politicians advocating for "criminal justice reform" by repeatedly releasing violent offenders from jail, and basically ignoring public safety and crime victims, must end. The seemingly endless cycle of violence against Harris County residents, to include even our finest police officers, must end. Enough already. The November general election can't come soon enough.

To all our readers, please keep Deputy Darren Almendarez's wife and family in your prayers. Deputy Almendarez - Rest in Peace. Nemo me impune lacessit.

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