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Another Violent, Habitual, Felony Offender Out on Bond; RIP - HPD Officer William "Bill" Jeffrey.

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

On 9/21/21, HPD Officer William "Bill" Jeffrey was shot to death, and HPD Sergeant Michael Vance was critically wounded, while serving two felony (bond forfeiture) arrest warrants on Mr. Deon Ledet, a habitual, felony offender with a violent criminal history. According to media reports, HPD Officer Jeffrey was a 30-year veteran who planned on retiring at the end of this year. Like everyone else, I am outraged by this incident and, quite frankly, frustrated beyond words because Mr. Ledet should never have been released from jail on bond (again). During the 2022 election cycle, our current Criminal Court District Judges must be held accountable (voted out of office) for their reckless, irresponsible bail bond decisions.

Rest in Peace - Officer William "Bill" Jeffrey. While our thoughts and prayers go out to the officers and their families, we also embrace the motto on the mourning badges - "Nemo me impune lacessit".

For more information, please click on the links below.

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Houston police union demands judge resign after officer killed by ‘habitual’ offender: ‘Blood on your hands' | Fox News

1 HPD officer killed, another injured in northeast Harris County while serving warrant, authorities say (

JULY UPDATE: Channel 26 "Breaking Bond" Series - To Restore Public Safety, We Need New Judges. (

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