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2 HCSO Deputies Shot by Felony Offender Out of Jail on PR Bond - Violence Continues

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Today, two more police officers were ambushed and shot by a felony defendant out of jail on a PR bond (a free bail bond granted by a judge). During the incident, Harris County Sheriff's Deputies Y. Martinez and M. Delgado were able to return fire and take out the assailant. Fortunately, the deputies' injuries are not considered life threatening (shot in leg; grazed on head/ear). Still, while speaking to the media, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez commented that the deputies were "very lucky to be alive."

According to HCSO Chief Edison Toquica, the suspect (Alan Huaracha) was out of jail on a PR bond for aggravated assault of a family member. Given the suspect's case and the on-going violent crime wave across Harris County, Sheriff Gonzalez expressed concern about the suspect being out on PR bond, saying, "We've seen far too much of this ... and it's concerning to everyone, including us, that somebody with that type of charge could be out." He added, "As we've said for a long time, we should consider risk when making these very important decisions that are putting others, including law enforcement, in harm's way."

In our opinion, this incident is just another example of the reckless bail bond decisions being made by our liberal, progressive Criminal District Court judges. To help restore public safety, we strongly urge Harris County voters to sweep most of these incumbent judges out of office during this primary election season. To that end, we urge our fellow Democrats to consider supporting the primary candidates endorsed by this website, (see links below).

For more details on the tragic shooting incident, please click on the links below.

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