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2022 Candidate Profiles and Endorsements*

During the 2022 election cycle, this website will contain candidate profile links, comments about each race, and an endorsement (SCROLL DOWN).  As Democrats, we need to nominate the best candidates possible.  Harris County voters understand that Party affiliation, while important, is only one consideration.  Simply put, the candidates must also deserve and earn our vote.  Before voting, we all must strongly consider each candidate's record, job performance, ethics, qualifications, priorities, stand on the issues, and vision for the future.  While some incumbents have been impressive, many others have been shockingly incompetent.  Specifically, the reckless bail bond actions of many of our Criminal District Court judges have been atrocious.  Fortunately, the 2022 election season will soon be upon us. 


*Endorsed candidates can include "Endorsed by" on their official website and campaign literature.

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