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Early Voting Starts TODAY (2/14/22)! Our Vote is Our Voice - Your Ballot Can Make a Difference.

Early voting for this election primary season starts today, 2/14/22, and runs through 2/25/22. Election day is on Tuesday, 3/1/22. In this great Democracy, our vote is our voice. We urge everyone to exercise their right to vote and be heard.

At, our staff has researched the races and endorsed candidates we believe will best serve the interests of all Harris County residents. Please use the "Candidate Endorsements" tab at the top of this page to view our list of endorsements. We strongly urge you to consider these candidates when casting your vote.

For those people who usually don't vote, we urge you to re-consider. Believe it or not, elections affect, either directly or indirectly, almost every facet of your life. Public Safety, Crime, Education, Flood Control, Inflation, Employment, Taxes, the Economy, and so much more are impacted by the actions (or inactions) of our elected representatives. If our elected officials are incompetent, weak, corrupt, or simply don't share your priorities and values, your life could be adversely affected in dramatic ways. For instance, Harris County voters elected numerous liberal, progressive judges to preside over our local criminal courts back in 2018. After taking office, in the name of "criminal justice reform”, many of those judges began granting repeat felony offenders PR (free) bail bonds, relatively low bonds, multiple bonds, and have made it more difficult to revoke bonds. Our police officers arrest felony offenders, but then are powerless as these judges continuously allow offenders to be released from jail. In our opinion, the reckless bail bond decisions of those radical judges has directly contributed to the on-going violent crime wave in Harris County. Almost every day, the local news is full of stories of residents being victimized by repeat offenders out of jail on bond. Let's face it, over the last several years, violent criminals have thrived in this environment of scant consequences and almost no accountability.

Over the past year, Mayor Turner, Sheriff Gonzalez, D.A. Ogg, Crime Stoppers, our elected Constables, police organizations, crime victims, and many others have publicly spoken out against these radical judges and their reckless bail bond decisions. From this list, you can tell the criticism of these judges has been bipartisan. The local media, including Click2Houston, Fox26, Abc13, etc. have all run numerous stories on these judges, with the “Breaking Bond” investigative series being the most extensive. Before voting, we encourage everyone to view that series and decide for yourself if these incumbent judges deserve re-election (see links below).

This primary election gives us an opportunity to enact needed change. After years of catering to criminal defendants and basically ignoring crime victims and public safety, these incumbent judges are now asking for your vote. To get re-elected, they try to blame the on-going violent crime wave on the COVID pandemic, Hurricane Harvey, the District Attorney’s Office, law enforcement agencies, legal gun sales, the mental health crisis, etc. In short, these judges blame everyone and everything but themselves. Frankly, we believe it is time to hold these judges accountable. Instead of nominating liberals, progressives, socialists, etc. again, we need to nominate and elect moderate, “tough on crime”, mainstream Democrats. While crime victims live in every neighborhood, the residents in our historically underserved communities have suffered the most during this on-going violent crime wave and they desperately want (and deserve) change. To that end, let’s elect some Democratic candidates who are committed to public safety ALL the time, not just when running for re-election.

For your consideration, the link below will also take you to our candidate endorsement page:

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