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Worried About Violent Crime? We can thank Progressives for contributing to the problem.

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

While I don't agree with everything in the opinion article listed below, I think the author, former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy, brings up many valid points. Progressives need to wake up and realize that fighting racism and social injustice does NOT mean releasing violent criminals from jail or being soft on crime. As Democrats, we need to consider public safety one of our highest priorities. I encourage everyone to click on the link below and read the article:

The Harris County violent crime rate is surging. All mainstream Democrats need to repudiate the local judges who repeatedly release violent, felony defendants from jail on multiple bonds. For more on that topic, please read my post entitled, "Channel 26 "Breaking Bond" Series - To Restore Public Safety, We Need to Elect Some New Judges." I will post more about those judges during the upcoming 2022 election cycle. Make no mistake, those liberal, progressive judges could drag down the entire Harris County Democrat Party ticket in the upcoming election.

UPDATE: Click on the link below for another opinion article (Newsweek. Zaid Jilani, dated 7/14/21) on the same subject:

UPDATE: Democrats need to become the law-and-order party, with public safety one of our highest priorities. If we don't, voters will look elsewhere for their future leaders.

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