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UH Poll - The Harris County Judge Race Between Hidalgo and Mealer is a Statistical Dead Heat

Updated: Jul 24

According to a University of Houston survey conducted between June 27 and July 7, 2022, the race for Harris County Judge between incumbent Lina Hidalgo and challenger Alexandra Del Moral Mealer is a statistical dead heat. The poll showed Hidalgo leading 48%-47% among likely voters, with a margin of error of 5.47% - see the details below:

Texas Policy & Politics 2022 - University of Houston (

For Democrats, this situation is very frustrating since another U.H. poll recently showed Democrat Beto O'Rourke is leading Governor Greg Abbott by nine points in Harris County. Based on these polls, Hidalgo is obviously underperforming. Why? It appears Lina Hidalgo’s mismanagement of Harris County government is becoming apparent to many voters. In my opinion, I think we could probably survive all of Hidalgo’s left-wing “big government” ideology, wasteful spending programs, bloated county bureaucracy, backroom deals, incompetence (election administrator, JWEB fiascos), adversarial relationship with many law enforcement agencies, questionable ethics, and her inability to learn from, or even acknowledge, her own mistakes (she dismisses every criticism as a “political attack”). Most people are focused on their own lives and might not notice all those issues. What most people do notice, however, is Hidalgo’s lack of effective leadership, especially when it comes to the on-going violent crime wave, broken county courts & county jail, higher county taxes (through property appraisals), and county government corruption (alleged contract bid-rigging). By her own admission, Hidalgo expects to be personally indicted (not just her staff) in that on-going corruption scandal. Given all her baggage, I guess we really should be happy with a poll showing a “dead heat” in the race. If/when a grand jury does indict Hidalgo, her polling numbers will rightfully plummet. While Republicans might be ok with electing alleged crooks, most Democrats are not. Lina Hidalgo’s issues were well known before the March Democratic primary election. We could have avoided all this drama by nominating a highly qualified, moderate Democrat for County Judge like Mrs. Erica Davis (endorsed by this blog). Instead, the majority of Democratic voters stuck with Lina Hidalgo, so here we are. This is definitely an unforced error.

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