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The Moderate Democrat

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

While this blog will not officially launch until early 2021, I would like to comment on one topic. Some Democrats seem mystified that Democratic candidates across the United States generally underperformed President-elect Joe Biden. In my opinion, the reason is obvious. Except for Biden himself, Republicans were successful in depicting the entire Democratic Party as “radical leftists.” They described Democrats as “anarchists” and implied Democratic support for the BLM movement included looting and riots. Democrats in favor of police and immigration reform were portrayed as anti-law enforcement (“defund the police”), weak on crime, and against secure borders. Democrats were also labeled as “socialists” who were going to raise taxes and then enact programs to “redistribute the wealth” (government handouts). Throughout the campaign, the Democratic Party failed to proactively address those broad mischaracterizations. As a result, some people voted for the centrist Joe Biden, but against the “radical left” Democrats. Remember, regardless of party affiliation, race, gender, religion, ethnicity, profession, etc., most voters generally do support the police, desire law and order, desire a secure border, support legal (not illegal) immigration, and value capitalism.

While all political parties include some vocal activists advocating radical programs, I believe the majority of the Democratic Party is similar to President-elect Biden – politically MODERATE. The Democratic Party includes large, diverse groups of people who generally possess popular, mainstream views on most issues. The Democratic Party needs to recruit centrist candidates, and get much better at publicly defining itself as “common sense moderates” (not leftist radicals), or we will suffer more unnecessary defeats in 2022.

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