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SB 6: The General Public, and Moderate Democrats, Support the New Bail Bond Reform Law

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

It looks like moderate Democrats and Republicans have at least one thing in common - we want to protect our communities, and enhance public safety, by making it harder for rogue judges to repeatedly release violent, felony defendants from jail on relatively low bail bonds and PR bonds. In a March 2021 post, I stated a felony bail bond reform law was desperately needed to help combat the skyrocketing violent crime rate in Houston/Harris County. Hardcore criminal defendants should not be arrested and then repeatedly released from jail on personal or low bond (just go through the jail turnstile). As Democrats, we must be proactive in protecting the public, especially those living in lower-income neighborhoods who seem to be under siege, constantly being victimized by violent gangs and habitual criminals. Public safety really should be a bipartisan issue. Due to Democratic opposition to SB6, Republicans will now assert that the entire Democratic Party is "weak" on crime, caring more about freeing violent criminals than supporting victims, families and their communities. The progressives in the Democratic Party need to remember that crime victims are voters too, and they live in every neighborhood.

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NOTE: The reckless bail bond actions of our progressive Criminal District Court judges helped create the urgent need for a law like SB6. Crime Stoppers, Mayor Sylvester Turner, Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, DA Kim Ogg, the local media (e.g. Fox-26, Channel 2), and many others have spoken out against judges granting these bonds but to no effect. In short, progressives helped create the problem, then opposed attempts to solve it. As Democrats, we need to be able to look in the mirror and self-correct, or concerned voters will do it for us. For more information, please click on the links below:

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