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Line of Duty Death - RIP Officer Darian Jarrott

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

This is what can happen when a police officer lets his/her guard down for just a moment (see the video link below). Please remember this video and respect the difficult work performed by your local police officers. The police profession requires an officer to put his/her safety at risk, on a daily basis, in order to protect and serve YOU. To Officer Darian Jarrott - RIP.

Note: As you drive around Houston and Harris County, pay attention to the high number of paper license plates you see on vehicles nowadays. Except on brand new vehicles, many of those paper license plates are actually "fake plates" used by criminals (1) when driving a stolen vehicle, (2) when they are out committing crimes, (3) when the registered owner has an open arrest warrant, (4) when the vehicles aren't legally registered or insured, and/or (5) when violating the local toll roads. Besides having paper license plates, another potential clue are vehicles with extremely dark tint - criminals don't want to be seen or identified.

11/14/21 UPDATE: Channel 2 (KPRC) just ran a story on all the illegal paper license plates - please see below:

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