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Latina Crime Victim Unloads on County Judge Lina Hidalgo During Commissioners Court Meeting -8/23/22

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

A recent University of Houston poll showed that, among Latino voters, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo is actually trailing her Republican challenger Alexandra del Moral Mealer by three points (47% - 44%). Overall, the poll showed that the race between Hidalgo and Mealer was a statistical dead-heat - see link below:

UH Poll - The Harris County Judge Race Between Hidalgo and Mealer is a Statistical Dead Heat (

So, why are more Latino voters supporting Mealer instead of the incumbent, Judge Hidalgo? It appears the violent crime wave, corruption scandals, wasteful spending, incompetence, arrogance, and the confiscation of the Harris County Constables' "rollover" funds last year have all combined to severely undermine support for Judge Hidalgo, especially in the Latino community. This situation boiled over during the last Harris County Commissioners Court meeting (8/23/22) when Mrs. April Aguirre, a Latina aunt of a crime victim (niece murdered), called out Judge Hidalgo for her failure to properly fund the District Attorney's Office and proactively address our broken criminal justice system. Mrs. Aguirre was obviously in a lot of emotional pain, yet still had the strength to publicly call out Judge Hidalgo (in both English and Spanish). It appears frustration, anger, and grief can also provide courage and strength. To see the exchange, view the video link below from the 1:24:40 mark to the 1:31:25 mark:

Aug 23, 2022 Commissioners Court - Harris County, TX (

It is becoming clear that Harris County crime victims are sick and tired of Judge Hidalgo's excuses, denials, scandals, and, yes, lies. Based on previous media reports, we still expect Judge Hidalgo to be indicted in the Elevate Strategies LLC bid-rigging corruption scandal. For a few relevant blog posts and media reports, please click on the links below:

Progressives Broke Our Criminal Justice System. Result? We Suffer High Crime, Costs, Crowded Jail (

'We cannot afford to have these,' Harris County strips constables of savings during crime wave (

Texas comptroller accusing Harris County of not properly funding constables, county leaders disagree (

More Harris County Government Corruption? Another No-Bid Contract (321K) Awarded to XMi Protection. (

Lina Hidalgo's Corruption Journey: From A "Bring It On!" Lion to a Lawyered-Up Mouse. Geez. (

UPDATE 9/2/22: The latest City of Houston crime rate data reportedly showed that violent crime has actually decreased 10% compared to applicable 2021 data. While encouraging, the violent crime rate has actually soared over the past several years (especially in 2021), so a slight drop from those peak crime numbers isn't that impressive. It's like climbing 500 feet and then descending 50 feet. While any the improvement is good, we are still pretty high. For more information, please click on the link below:

Houston crime rate: Violent crime down 10% so far in 2022 compared to same time in 2021, HPD data shows - ABC13 Houston

UPDATE: On 10/1/22, posted our candidate endorsements for the upcoming general election in November. To view our endorsements, please click on the link below:

Candidate Endorsements | Harris County Democrats

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