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  • Administrator Candidate Endorsements for the Upcoming November 8, 2022 Election

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

For the 2022 election cycle, this website researched each political candidate that will appear on the Harris County November ballot and then endorsed the candidates (see below) we believe will best serve the interests of all Harris County residents. Being moderate Democrats, we are naturally inclined to endorse Democratic candidates. That said, a candidate must earn, and deserve, our vote. To that end, we endorse the best candidates regardless of political affiliation. Prior to making our endorsement, we considered, among other things, each candidate's record, prior job performance, ethics, education, qualifications, priorities, stand on the issues, and vision for the future. To gather this candidate profile data, our research included, as applicable, online searches, review of media reports, visiting each candidate's website, reviewing candidate questionnaires, listening to candidate interviews, observing candidates in public meetings/events, etc. After our review, we proudly endorsed approximately 80% of the Democratic candidates. If we failed to endorse a Democrat, we either identified troublesome issues (e.g. failing to proactively address the violent crime wave, reckless bail bond decisions, allegations of corruption, scandals, general incompetence, etc.) and/or we were more impressed with the challenger.

Summary: With rare exceptions, we overwhelmingly supported Democratic candidates at the congressional level. At the state level, we strongly urge voters to elect Beto O'Rourke (Governor), Mike Collier (Lt. Governor), and Rochelle Garza (Attorney General) this November. In our opinion, those candidates are far superior to incumbent Governor Greg Abbott (electrical grid failure, with costs passed onto residents; AK-47 and AR-15 weapons allowed on our streets), Lt. Governor Dan Patrick (excessively restrictive anti-abortion law, with no exceptions for rape or incest), and Attorney General Ken Paxton (under criminal indictment). At the local level, the superior candidates are Alexandra del Moral Mealer (County Judge), Jack Morman (Commissioner, Pct. 2), and incumbent Jack Cagle (Commissioner, Pct. 4). We believe those candidates are best suited to end the excessive, wasteful spending of our taxpayer dollars, avoid contract bid-rigging and corruption scandals, and properly fund local law enforcement efforts to combat the on-going crime wave. Specifically, we believe Alexandra Mealer can bring competency, fiscal responsibility, transparency, and integrity back to the County Judge's Office (and no, despite Hidalgo's misleading ads, Mealer is not responsible for creating or enforcing the state's abortion laws). Of note, the Houston Chronicle also endorsed Alexandra Mealer for Harris County Judge.

To reduce the criminal case backlog and lower the number of violent offenders out of jail on bond, we also endorsed quite a few of the challengers in the local judicial races. To restore public safety, we need to get our criminal justice system working properly again. In summary, while we did endorse about 80% of the Democratic candidates, our ultimate goal was to identify and endorse the best candidate in each race regardless of political affiliation.

To view all of our candidate endorsements, please click on the link below. We strongly urge you to consider those candidates when casting your vote. Remember, early voting runs from Oct. 24 - Nov. 4, and election day will be on Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

Candidate Endorsements | Harris County Democrats

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