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Crime, Corruption, Incompetence - Hidalgo Has Got to Go! Houston Chronicle Endorses Alexandra Mealer

On 10/12/22, after completing their research and interviewing incumbent Lina Hidalgo and challenger Alexandra del Moral Mealer on the budget, crime, and numerous policy issues, the Houston Chronicle Editorial Board endorsed Alexandra Mealer for Harris County Judge. We completely agree with that endorsement. For the details on the Chronicle endorsement, please click on the links below:

The Houston Chronicle editorial board endorses Republican nominee Alexandrea Mealer for Harris County judge - ABC13 Houston

Houston Chronicle Editorial Board endorses Alexandra Mealer for judge

In our opinion, a recent Alexandra Mealer campaign ad accurately lists some of the major problems with incumbent Lina Hidalgo. Under Hidalgo's mismanagement, violent crime has soared, her top aides have been indicted for corruption (Hidalgo also expects to be indicted), and the bloated county departments have suffered from incompetence (e.g. wasteful spending, lack of transparency, no-bid contracts, broken criminal justice system, county jail in crisis, unqualified appointments, botched election administration, broken computer system). To view the ad, please click on the link below:

On November 8th, Let's End the Nightmare (

Again, we completely agree with the Houston Chronicle endorsement of Alexandra Mealer for Harris County Judge. To view all of our candidate endorsements, please click on our "Candidate Endorsements" tab, or just click on the link below:

Candidate Endorsements | Harris County Democrats

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