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Channel 26 "Breaking Bond" Series - To Restore Public Safety, We Need to Elect Some New Judges.

Updated: Jun 11

The local violent crime rate is soaring, with homicides alone up over 35% compared to last year. One of the reasons for the rise in violent crime appears to be the turnstile spinning away at the Harris County Jail. Law enforcement officers are doing their jobs, investigating crimes and making felony arrests. Unfortunately, some local Criminal District Court judges have been repeatedly releasing violent, felony defendants from jail on bond, essentially ignoring the threat to the public. These felony defendants usually have extensive criminal histories, repeatedly victimizing people and businesses. IMHO, when our elected judges blatantly disregard public safety and keep releasing violent, felony defendants back into the community, it's time for us to elect some new judges. Regardless of political party affiliation, these judges must be held accountable for their reckless bond decisions when they come up for re-election next year. Hopefully, they will draw competent primary opponents.

So, who are these local judges and what exactly have they been doing? Fortunately, local Channel 26 News has documented some of this reckless judicial behavior in their detailed "Breaking Bond" investigative series -- please click on the link below to see their reports. You will see how bonding decisions made by local judges have directly impacted people's lives. Clearly, local judicial elections can have dire consequences for all of us.

Breaking Bond (

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