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Careful, my fellow Democrats. Extreme "Wokeness" could be our Downfall.

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

I recently read an opinion article in the N.Y. Times that I believe is very insightful. In short, extreme "wokeness" could alienate mainstream Democrats, thus dividing us and allowing Republicans to prevail in upcoming elections. I completely agree with the author and strongly urge local Harris County Democrats to be very mindful of this risk. As I have repeatedly stated in prior posts, we can support historically marginalized groups, righteous causes, and needed reforms without attempting to censor ("cancel") people or attacking them for rejecting extreme rhetoric (e.g. "defund the police", "abolish ICE", "open borders"). Mainstream, centralist, moderate Democrats, not radical activists, will lead us to election victory in 2022.

I urge everyone to read the N.Y. Times article - see link below.

Opinion | Is Wokeness ‘Kryptonite for Democrats’? - The New York Times (

UPDATED: 7/17/21: James Carville has the same message - see link below.

James Carville thinks woke warriors in his party are simply 'naive' (

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