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Another Police Shooting? In this case, Police Officer Nicholas Reardon is a Hero.

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

On 4-20-21, Columbus, Ohio Police Officer Nicholas Reardon fatally shot Ms. Ma’Khia Bryant, a 16-year-old Black female, when Ms. Bryant attempted to stab another person (an unarmed woman). In this case, the police body camera video evidence is clear: Ms. Bryant, knife in hand, had her intended victim trapped against a car and was clearly about to stab her when Officer Reardon shot Ms. Bryant. While it is tragic that someone as young as Ms. Bryant lost her life, she left Officer Reardon no choice in the matter. Had Officer Reardon hesitated or failed to act, Ms. Bryant clearly would have stabbed, and perhaps murdered, her intended victim. Based on the circumstances, it is clear that Officer Reardon’s use of deadly force was absolutely necessary and completely justified. Frankly, Officer Reardon's quick action saved the victim; he is a hero and deserves a medal.

All Democrats should quickly come together to publicly PRAISE Officer Reardon’s actions. While radical activists have been quick to condemn Officer Reardon (and nearly all police shootings involving people of color), the vast majority of police shootings ARE justified (either necessary to defend the officer’s life or the life of another person). Rather than always assuming the worst, most mainstream Democrats reserve judgement on police shootings until the scene video and/or other compelling evidence is made public. All I can say is, based on the video evidence present in this case, THANK GOD for Officer Nicholas Reardon. I’m sure Ms. Bryant’s intended victim feels the same way…

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