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Welcome to the Blog!

This political blog officially launched in late 2020 and is focused on issues important to Harris County residents.  While the administrator is a moderate Democrat, this blog is independently operated and not affiliated with any political party or political action committee (PAC).  This political blog is also not part of the Harris County Democrats Association formed in 1953 by Mrs. Frankie Randolph and later led by Chairwoman Billie Carr.  We are an independent political blog and simply offer our candid, mainstream perspective to help the Democratic Party improve and be successful.  To avoid potential conflicts of interest, we do not sell political advertisements or accept donations from any candidate, political party, or PAC.    


Please SCROLL DOWN to view our "call it as we see it" blog, including relevant links.  To explore this website, click on the TABS above.

In addition, please feel free to explore my website.  Thanks.

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